Krasnoyarsk Waiting Room

Every three hours or so, the No. 2 Rossiya train will stop for about 20 minutes.
Usually that’s not enough time to do much more than stock up on some food from the vendors on the platform.
By this point I’d been on the train for about 60 hours. That means no internet, TV or radio – really no communication of any sort with the outside world.
I had heard the Krasnoyarsk train station was nicer than most along the Trans-Siberian, and that was true. I ran inside and took the shot above.
The other reason I ran into the station was in hopes of getting a wifi signal on my iPod touch, and to my surprise, I was successful. This picture was taken at the spot where I got word that my friend, whom I had unexpectedly had to leave behind 4100km ago due to a missed flight, had gotten home to Chicago safely.

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