chicago bastille day sunset

Alright listen.

It’s time to start posting some content here.

And since I am plugging this as mostly a Chicago blog
and I mean I live in Chicago
I should probably start with a Chicago picture
so there it is.

I’m not going to lie to you
this picture isn’t really good.
I took it through a window
then I HDRed it in Photomatix
and it came out noisy
so I Noise Ninjaed it
which is why it seems a bit like a watercolor
Even the title doesn’t make much sense.
Who cares if it’s Bastille Day?

So now you’re wondering why I even bothered posting it
and it’s pretty simple
nowhere to go from here but up

And for serious…I’ll post (my) crappy pics from time to time. How can you get better if you don’t know what you’re doing wrong? And I’ll get around to explaining Photomatix and Noise Ninja and all that.

Coming up shortly I’ll start posting some pics from my non-Chicago expeditions
so get pumped for that
there’ll be some Colombia
some Europe
maybe Pittsburgh! (sorry)
and a bunch strung along from Moscow to Shanghai.

I’ll be shuffling the topics
partly to keep you from getting bored
mostly to keep me from getting bored
I get a little ADD.




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