Pictures from the Moving Train – Day 1

Passing Kotelnich, namesake of the Kotelnicheksaya Embankment Building.

All of the pictures in this post are taken from the train as it rolls towards Perm, gateway to Siberia, on my first full day on the Trans-Siberian. In some cases that means poor quality as the train is in motion and I’m shooting through glass, so there can be glare or blur. Oh well. I’ll post some of the shots from stations themselves in subsequent posts.

Across the Vyakta River, outside of Kotelnich. Shot from the top bunk.

View to a meadow

Train begins to roll out of Kirov, and the women selling toys have a long wait until the next one.

Pulling out of Kirov after the stop.

Street that intersects the railroad, Kirov.

As we pull into Balezino, a woman waits for a coal-laden freight train to pass.

Fishmonger at Balezino - the fish are on the far side of his body. You'll have to trust me.


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